Completed Costumes

Below are my completed costumes and links to the pages on each costume and images. Just click through the ones you want to view. I hope you enjoy!

Character My Rambling
The Doctor
The Doctor from Doctor Who

This was for a group that appeared at the San Diego Comic Con in 2007, where we got most of the Doctors. Although I have Fourth and Tenth Doctor costumes, finding someone willing to costume as the Second Doctor is rather hard. But since he's my favorite, and I think I can pull him off, I have no qualms about doing him. :D Had a blast in this costume with everyone, and I think the photos reflect that.

Jamie McCrimmon from Doctor Who

First worn at Anime Los Angeles in a trial run, reworn at Gallifrey One 2007 fully complete. Jamie McCrimmon is my favorite companion from the show. He was on between 1966-1969 and was a companion of the Second Doctor. I really love the character, and thought I could pull him off well. What more reason did I need to costume him? My then-girlfriend portrayed Zoe in her silver catsuit for a short time too.

The Doctor
The Doctor from Doctor Who

First worn at Ani-Magic 2006. I've recently gotten into Doctor Who and thought I'd better cosplay it while I'm into it. Having done the Tenth Doctor, and enjoyed cosplaying as him, it seemed logical to try to do one of my more favorite Doctors next. I can't cosplay the Ninth Doctor due to just looking nothing like him, so I opted to go for the Fourth Doctor. This is his season 18 outfit. :)

The Doctor
The Doctor from Doctor Who

First worn at AX '06. I've recently gotten into Doctor Who and thought I'd better cosplay it while I'm into it. It was hard deciding which version of the Doctor to cosplay as, but I think Ten is currently the most logical choice. :) I hope this is the beginning of a long line of Docotr Who cosplay. :)

Hoban Washburn
Wash from Firefly/Serenity

First worn at AX '06, with my then-girlfriend Em playing my Zoe. I fell hard for Firefly/Serenity when the new movie came out and I thought cosplaying Wash would be a great tribute. Pictured is what he wore in the movie Serenity, which is what I tried to recreate. It was great getting together with a group at the con.

Kunisaki Yukito from AIR

For AX '06 Michiru and I decided to do Yukito and Misuzu from the anime AIR. It's a bit of a rare anime, but one we both really like. It's done, and there are prototype pictures up now. Will have better ones after AX.

Yule Ball Ron
Ron Weasley in Yule ball robes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (movie)

This was for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie premiere in November of 2005. The costume is complete and was be worn for the November 17th midnight showing at the Irvine Spectrum. :D It's the ugliest, most awesome costume ever, so I had to do it. As soon as I saw good quality, clear pictures of it I knew I had to make it. Yay Ron!

Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie)

After dying my hair platiumn blond for Seifer, everyone told me I looked like Draco from Harry Potter. So, not one to deny a good thing, I decided to go with it and redonned my Harry Potter costume, this time altering it in photoshop to be set up for Slytherin. It was a lot of fun and everyone seems to like me as Draco. Sadly, I think I look more like Draco than Harry. This is sad because 1.) it's a Gryffindor costume and thus not easily changed in real life, 2.) Draco and Slytherin sucks, 3.) I like Harry way more than Draco. Oh well. I don't plan to be blond for long. ^^

Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII

See, I've cosplayed Irvine, Laguna and Zell so I only need to cosplay Seifer and Squall to have cosplayed all the main male characters from FFVIII. I totally love Seifer's coat and I'd wear it outside of cosplay so it makes sense to me to make this costume. Worn at AX '04 with Michi reprising Zell and some new friends doing other characters.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie)

I decided I wanted to go in full Hogwarts regalia for the premiere of the third Harry Potter movie. Hence, I assembled this costume. Debuted for the 11:59pm June 3rd, 2004 premiere of the third Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban. Probably will be worn to subsequent films and also at AX 04.
Kinomoto Touya, winter uniform
Kinomoto Touya, winter uniform
I finally completed this costume for PMX '04. This makes the third Touya costume I've done! Hahahaha. It was very simple since almost everything was store bought. I reused my pants and tie from my summer uniform and bought a jacket to use for his. Unfortunately, the jacket was a little big on me, but oh well. All I really did was add the felt to the pockets of both the jacket and the undershirt to match his school logo. Go me!
John Lennon, wedding suit
John Lennon, wedding suit

Done for Halloween 2003 just for shits and giggles really. I found a really great wig that completely matched John's hair in this era and decided to go for it. This is the outfit he wore when he came back from Gilbatrar from marrying Yoko Ono. The first of what I hope may be several John Lennon costumes.
Myu Style Tuxedo Kamen
Myu Style Tuxedo Kamen
I got this costume completed for Anime Oasis '03, where the SeraMyu group I was with were performing were putting on a two-hour feature length musical. Obviously, I was Tuxedo Kamen. Unfortunately, due to the terrible snow storm in Denver on the weekend of the convention, the musical was cancelled. I recently got some pictures of myself in the costume, taken around my house. This will likely never be worn at a convention, or anywhere else.
Samwise Gamgee
Lord of the Rings: Samwise Gamgee
A bare minimun version of this costume was done for the premire of The Two Towers, December 18th, 2002. His jacket was made, but not completed, and he was lacking a cloak due to a brooch mishap. Worn also to Char Con 2002, in Las Vegas. Pictures now available. XD
Zell Dincht
Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII
This was only partially made by me. The costume actually belongs to Michiru Sakamoto, but we both realized I looked more like Zell than her now, and she looked more like Irvine now, so for AniMagic we decided to switch costumes. The jacket was created by Stephen, and the shirt by myself. The gloves were Michi's, the horrible wig mine, and the rest is history. Worn for barely an hour at Animagic 2002.
Kinomoto Touya
Kinomoto Touya from Cardcaptor Sakura
This was a quick costume done for Ani-Magic 2002. It was fairly easy to create, since it consisted of mostly purchased things. I bought a black hakama and the banded collar shirt easily enough. Then I made a green kimono top and it was basically done. The character does wear gets shoes but the person who was going to loan me them forgot them, so to maintain height, I wore boots. I wore it with Haruka as Yue, since this is the outfit Touya wears when he gives his powers over to the seal beast. Donned at Animagic 2002.
Suboshi from Fushigi Yuugi

I got this strange desire to cosplay Suboshi, which is really strange, because I've never wanted to cosplay him before (namely because he's a twin and I'd hate to cosplay him without an Amiboshi), however, I decided I'd rather do his yellow TV style outfit from the "real world", and realized I'd never seen anyone cosplay it before. So, suddenly struck with that desire I got obsessed and here it is. It's finished, except some pants work and te ryuseisui, but no pictures yet. Premired with a few Fushigi Yuugi group members at Nan Desu Kan 2002. Then also worn at Animagic 2002 with Tristen Citrine as my Amiboshi! :D

Malcolm Reed
Star Trek Enterprise: Malcolm Reed
This costume was done in 2002 but I didn't get any pictures in it until 2004. I have the uniform, the under dressshirt and even the underwear he wears in the series, that's all lovely and bright blue. I also have an NX-01 baseball cap to go with it as well as the official toy communicator and phase pistol set. But they're not in the pictures. I cameo-premired it at Nan Desu Kan '02 and got one crappy picture taken in it, which is not going up here. Added some pictures in May of 2004, but they weren't at a con. I'll likely never wear it to a con. :)
juuhachi-Gou and Juunana-Gou
Juuhachi-Gou & Juunana-Gou

Michi and I decided we really needed some more paired costumes together so despite like, how over done Dragonball Z characters are, we decided to do Juuhachi-Gou and Juunana-Gou for Fanime 2002. Oddly enough I made both costumes. Only things that didn't get done in time was the contacts, which, of course, arrived the Monday AFTER the con. *sigh* Oh well. We hope to wear these again together sometime, to get better pictures. We really had a lot of fun in them though, more so than we thought we would. ^_^

Himura Kenshin
Himura Kenshin

Kenshin was a big decision for me to go ahead and decide to cosplay. Since the show, and the character, are so over done cosplay wise I had to try my hardest to make sure I pulled off a good and convincing Kenshin. I think everyone liked the costume, and I'm proud of it. Wearing it at Ani-Magic with the h00j Kenshin group we got together there was really awesome.
Kinomoto Touya
Touya Kinomoto

I did the summer uniform (as opposed to the winter uniform I intially planned). The sleeves are short with blue trim, and the badge is slightly different from the winter uniform. I plan to make the Winter uniform later, but for Yaoi Con 2001, Ani-Magic 2002 and NDK 02 I had the summer uniform done. Yaoi Con I wasn't overly recognized, but I got together with several large Cardcaptor Sakura groups at Animagic and NDK, and even had a Yukito/Yue!


It made perfect sense for me to cosplay this bishounen of bishounen. First of all, he's voiced by Koyasu Takehito, second, I adore the character and third there was a huge Fushigi Yuugi group going down for AX '01 that I was a part of. =D Michiru was Nuriko and Jey was be Tamahome to boot XD! This costume is also to be worn to Summer Komiket in August of '01. ^___^
Kaji Ryouji
Ryouji Kaji

Well, my cosplay partner, Michiru, did Asuka in her school uniform for AX '01 and she'shad friends doing Shinji (his school uniform) and Misato I've always said if there was ever anyone from Evangelion I could/would cosplay, it'd be Kaji. I really like this suit. It was fast to make and very comfortable.XD

Laguna Loire
Laguna Loire

Laguna, the adorable dork boy from Final Fantasy VIII fame. This costume is actually my friend Makkura's, butI liked it so much I stole it for a day and pranced around, pretending to be Laguna [while she strutted her stuffin my Irvine costume ^_^]. So, we took pictures and that's whats here. ^^

Folken Fanel
Folken Fanel

Originally planned for Fanimecon '01 because two of my sexiest friends were going to do the catgirl twinsfrom Escaflowne and I wanted to be inon that. ^_- Sadly only one had their costume done,but she was a hottie in it. XD Worn for Fanime '01 sucessfully. Reworn at AX '01 for awhile. ^_^ Sometime I will have both catgirls and a Dilandau.

Irvine Kinneas
Irvine Kinneas

Irvine I got finished in early October with the intent to wear to Neko Con. That fell through, but it meant I still had the costume more or less done for Halloween where it debuted at a costume contest at Joanne's Fabric Store in Palos Verdes. I wore it Halloween night to pass out candy as well. More completed pictures will be up later.

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