In-Progress Costumes

Here are the costumes I'm currently working on. These are either going to definately be worn to a convention or are things I'm making for the hell of it. Since production is started on them, I don't intend at all to "scrap" them.

Character My Rambling
Kerr Avon
Kerr Avon from Blake's 7

I got into Blake's 7 in November of 2007 and decided I wanted to do one of the many gloriously, cracktacular costumes from the series. I finally decided on this outfit of Avon's. I premiered this at the Star Trek con in Las Vegas in August of 2008, though in an incomplete state. I will rewear it with Blake's 7 group for Gallifrey One 2009. I think it will be fun. Do let me know if you want to join. :D

James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series

Well, I've always loved Star Trek and the original series is no exception. I've wanted a TOS uniform for ages, but with the new movie coming out interest has stepped up in this vein. So, after contemplating whether or not I'd best serve as Kirk, Spock or McCoy (neverminding I'd obviously be best as Chekhov), I settled on Kirk. I've got a communicator for this costume, already. I plan to commission it from a skilled/accurate TOS costume maker, so really it's just a matter of money. Planning to premiere for the new Star Trek movie.

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