Possible Costumes

This is a page for costumes that I want to do, or think I could do, but I have no place to wear them, time to do them, or people to go with. Or I just haven't decided. They're not definate, but I'm thinking on them. VERY subject to change.

Character My Rambling
Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica

I've always though I could pull off a really good, convincing Baltar. I just never thought I'd ever find people willing to cosplay as other BSG characters and that walking around in a suit would be silly. However, I've recently come across great Starbuck and Caprica Six cosplayers, and they said they'd love to have me on as Baltar. So, if I can make it to a con they or other BSG cosplayers are going to, I plan to go as Virtual Baltar. :D
Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is the vampire Spike, from the popular Buffy series. I'd only do this if I got a Buffy group going, but I think that might actually just happen in 2009. I'd like to do his "Once More, With Feeling" costume, which I think is distinctive and might match other cosplayers. This is tenatively slated for Dragon*Con 2009, which I'd like to go to next year for the first time.
Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen from RENT

No time or location planned for this costume. I just want to have it. I'd wear this sweater on a regular day, too, so it'd be a fun costume. I love Mark, he's my favorite character from RENT. If there was any character from any musical, ever, that I could perform as, I'd choose Mark. So, putting together this costume would be in tribute to that.

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